Holiday Vibes and a Pampering Session

Holiday Vibes and a Pampering Session

So the day before I left for my hols I had a little pre-holiday pampering sesh. All. On. My. Own!!! No children screaming for my attention. No picking up dog shit. No boyfriend. Just me and it was BLISS!

It was time to get the brows and pasty skin under control so my first stop was the Blink Brow Bar at Liberty. I wanted to get my little guys re shaped. I seriously over plucked my eyebrows when I was younger and if I leave them to grow out naturally they seem to grow back looking like little, well massive sperms attached to my forehead. Gorgeous. 

The lovely lady who looked after me knew exactly what she was doing. I felt safe in her hands and as it was my first time going there that was a huge relief. She explained what she had in mind and I just found myself nodding enthusiastically looking like I had the vision in my head but really I was just thinking anything would be better than their current state! It had been a while since they were last done.

As I was laying back in those BEAUTIFUL Liberty print chairs she got started. Now, I'm a fan of threading and I know you have to be wise with the time of month you go. From experience it’s super painful just before your period and if I'm totally honest, I do find the whole procedure quite painful in general. However, what I did notice and also made a huge difference to my pain threshold, was that she was using a finer thread… I asked if this does actually make any difference or was I just finding it easier to deal with because I was in my fave shop and putting on a brave face - Liberty can do no wrong, to which she told me that it does actually make a difference. WIN. Finer thread = Less painful threading… Yes please and sorry, I feel like I’ve used the word ‘difference’ a lot in that last section. 

After about 20 minutes they had been reshaped, trimmed and filled with a pencil to colour the blonde hairs to make them look fuller. 

I was so happy with them. My face looked and felt more lifted and less man beast. The appointment was finished off with a very soothing forehead massage to calm the area and take some of the usual redness away. 

I left feeling amazing and ready for my next appointment which was, dun dun dunnnnnn… A fake tan and omg I was beyond excited!!

I'd never had a fake tan before and I made sure I did my research. I was totally sold on having it done by In Parlour. They came highly recommended by friends and I loved the concept. No spray tan and turning on request in some weird booth, nope, with In Parlour the treatment is applied by hand along with custom made body brushes to blend, making it look super natural.

The creams and tints applied to the skin are mixed especially for you and your natural skin tone.

The other amazing thing about In Parlour is that they're mobile so can come to your house, office or in my case agency… I had a meeting there so two birds, one stone and all that.

I met the therapist, Miranda who was going to do my treatment and I had to apologise as I could feel all of the questions I had bubbling up inside. I’ll put it down to a mixed bag feeling nervous and excited. Fake tanning is a big deal. We don't want a Ross Gellar out of ‘Friends’ look now do we?!

As Miranda sets up her equipment and I have to strip right down and wake up my sad nips. Breastfeeding really was a fucker to my boobs. After Dylan, they recovered pretty well but after Rudy they now fear the light of day! Anyway, where was I…? Sad nipples, oh yes, I was given a pair of paper like pants so Miranda could make sure there weren't any missed patches. Sexy sexy. That’s one of the good things about my job, you get so used to stripping down to just your underwear in the most random places to change outfits that when it comes to getting undressed for a fake tan, you think nothing of it. 

There was a base cream applied and then the actual fake tan. The whole application process takes around an hour. Lot’s of arms up in the air, leg pointed out only so far, foot twisted this way and hand turned that way etc…  But that’s what makes In Parlour so good. If you don't do all of those little precise angles the tan won’t be as amazing as it is!

So Miranda is about done and hands me a lightweight robe to stand in. I have to wait 15-20 mins before I can get dressed. I pop it on and we say our goodbyes. I find myself alone in the agency’s studio with a mirror to keep me company. Hmmm, what can I do to keep myself entertained whilst this tan sets in to my skin…? Yes, thats it… I'm going to try and do my best Jodie Marsh (when she was a body builder) impression! I find myself doing this for a good 2-3 mins. Quite a concerning amount of time tbh and that’s when the door bursts open! Fuck, I forgot to lock it!!!!!

I’m now stood looking slightly darker than I should be (I need to rinse the tanning treatment off after 6 hours) and in comes a very surprised looking agent and her 16 year old new face coming in to take some digitals! She turns white as a ghost, I feel like I'm now the colour of a beetroot and the poor agent just smiles politely and closes the door.

Lesson learnt, the door is locked immediately. No more Jodie Marsh impressions for me, it’s time to get dressed and get home asap!

I had quite a lot of stuff to take home with me from the agency so I ordered a taxi - Miranda also mentioned taking public transport just after getting a fake tan applied can be slightly awks, so I say my (very quick) goodbyes and make my way out of the agency, headfirmly down! 

As soon as I get downstairs my driver is already waiting, thank fuck! He see’s that I have a lot to carry so comes to help me. As he walks round the back of the car to open the boot he is so distracted by my face that he bangs his head on the open boot. I felt terrible, obviously. He looked embarrassed/terrified. The car ride home was silent.

Now, the last time I did anything super drastic to my appearance (died my hair candy floss pink), Dylan refused to speak to me for about 4 hours. He finally came around and grew to love it but it didn't even cross my mind if the tan would effect the boys or not until I was on my way home. 

I knocked on the door and I could hear their little feet and voices rushing to answer, the door flies open and I can see their eyes trying to figure out who this strange human is coming into their home. The dog immediately starts to sniff me and then that turns into a very strong urge to lick (Miranda also warned me that animals love to lick the treatment), so I'm stood in the doorway holding a load of stuff and looking like I have a twitch by trying to shake the dog off my ankle. Strong look. 

The boys are actually Ok by the time I get in and get the dog under control. Dylan does ask if it was really sunny where I was working earlier in the day whilst Rudy by this point is just desperate for a cuddle but all I can think about is getting my clothes off so the treatment doesn't feel so sticky.

Anywho, time passes and it gets to 10pm which is when I'm allowed to gently rinse off the treatment. It feels sooooo good and the colour of my skin is calmer after doing this. 

Guys, if you're going to get a fake tan… I highly recommend, In Parlour. I’ve had so many compliments. People saying how natural it looks and best of all my boyfriend properly digs it.

I want to say a massive thank you to Blink Brow Bar and In Parlour for getting me holiday ready and I can safely say, I'm hooked on you both!

Portia x

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