Holiday Countdown

Holiday Countdown

3 days and counting until we fly to Langkawi, Malaysia for our holiday. 

Excited, terrified, anxious are a few words to describe how I'm feeling (about the flight), once we actually get there I know its going to be amazing, it’s just the flying part that’s getting to me. 12 and a half hours with the devils assistant (Rudy)… Dylan will be fine, he's great at travelling but rudy… He's a kid who likes his own space and if he doesn't want to do something he won’t do it without having the biggest meltdown. He's 20 months, granted but my lord he's opinionated - that’s what I call it, Pete calls it something else… Don't get me wrong, I'm all for opinionated children really I am… just not on a long haul flights where I can’t escape and the poor other passengers can’t either!!

I've written out three different lists to make sure we’re ready! Bloody love a list. 

Obvs the first thing is to make sure the iPad, iPhone AND laptop are 100% charged! Those things are sacred and battery life is golden! Also need to remember to download Peppa Pig and all the Star Wars shit to keep the boys quiet.

Another thing that is also golden and at the top of the list as it is for many families I’m sure… Piriton! We learnt the hard way when we went to Cyprus last year. Pete’s dad lives over there and it was Rudy’s first trip away so we thought it was a good familiar and safe place to go… WRONG! The first morning of our holiday Rudy woke up with a swollen nose. Typical me, I played it down to keep Pete calm but cut the very long story short, Pete and Roo ended up in the hospital on and off for the next 4 days. The swelling spread to his eye. Bless him, he looked like a little Lobster, a very swollen cooked one. After all of that the doctors managed to figure out what it was (he had an allergic reaction to a mystery creature that bit him) and treated it accordingly, it went down eventually, but you could see people trying to figure out what it could be. If I’m honest, it did look like a really bad case of sunburn so thats what they were probably thinking. The looks we received were awful. Part of the recovery however was for him to stay out of the sun and sea/pool water! LOL when you're on holiday and in a hot country and you have a baby who's desperate to paddle in the sea. So yes that short/long story is why we will be taking a ton of Piriton. I’ll props give both the boys a massive glug before we take off. Can never be too safe. It doesn't make them drowsy at all. Not part of the survival flight plan what so ever.

I also seem to have written First Aid Kit on my list… I guess I am one of those parents now! It’s only going to get worse. Next I’ll actually be applying suncream to their skin when their in direct sunlight… oh, wait!

Other simple stuff like:

  • Dioralite
  • Dummies x4 (also under the golden list)
  • Anti bac
  • Syringe, for the Calpol!
  • Matching tracksuits for me and Pete 
  • Skipping rope, apparently I’m working out when I’m there
  • Snacks for the boys because they'll blatantly only eat everything beige when were there
  • A picture book for me as being able to read an actual book is a distant memory
  • Way too many clothes
  • Shoes I like to think I’ll wear
  • Suncream, obvs

…it goes on! 

There’s also a lot of body prep going on… for the first time, I'm actually going to get a fake tan. I think this will give me more confidence and hide those annoying areas on my body I absolutely despise, eg. ass slowly becoming part of my legs (maybe a slight exaggeration), stretch marks - although I have learnt to love those. I look like an A-Z but they're my baby lines, my proof of carrying two 9lb 6oz babies. 

I did think about going for a little teeth whitening session but didn't think it was worth it and to be honest I have totally run out of time.

Had my roots done by my amazing colourist, Harriet Muldoon at Larry King Hair. She's literally a genius! 

So beachy, Candice Swanepole hair done… kinda… Well the colour part is now I just need the hair stylist to come with me for that ‘natural’ S wave… hmmm. Will come back to that one. Maybe I should just go with the Monica out of ‘Friends’ look, when she gets her hair braided? 

Threading seriously needs to happen. My poor poor eyebrows really suffered back in the days when I was a little school girl chav. They've been so over plucked and bleached over the years so I'm desperate to have them done! I just know when you've got your brows nicely shaped your whole face changes… That another one on the list!

Omg and the washing pile that NEVER GOES DOWN!! I need to get that sorted, along with washing the dogs bed, washing the actual dog too for that matter, get my nails done… it really does go on and I really don't want to bore you all to death sooooo guna stop typing now and de shell the prawns for Pete. Yay.

Portia x 


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Holiday Vibes and a Pampering Session

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