Hand, Foot and what Disease?!

Hand, Foot and what Disease?!

Well that was an interesting week!!

Last Tuesday morning Pete went to Belfast to fulfil a childhood dream of his which was to play with one of his faves Arcade Fire. For the first time ever he was packed and in his car on time.  Half hour later I had to call him to tell him that Rudy was showing signs of being poorly (He would have been pissed if I hadn’t). I played it down, I didn’t want Pete to worry but it’s not like I wasn't going to tell him. At that point Rudy had a temp of around 38 and was napping way longer than usual. Little did we know that this day was going to be one hectic motherrrrr f***errrrr!!

Mothers intuition or call it what you like, I knew my baby wasn't well. He was being super restless and his eyes looked different, all glazed and sunken. He was hot to touch but I mean like a radiator on full whack and he was so soooooo sleepy. The only positive was that he was drinking tons of water. He refused Calpol, which did worry me a tad but all I wanted was that temp down but he just kept spitting it back out. After a long drowsy afternoon along came that dreaded time of the day… ‘school run’. I'm not the biggest fan of school run in general but I guess we gotta’ do it right? However when you’re sick kid is having non of it and griping on to the door frame in protest on the way out it’s another story.

Finally parked up outside the school a mum from Dylan's class decided to challenge me about my car engine being switched. Like I gave a shit about what she was babbling on about. Wednesday, Thursday or even Friday would be great for this kind of debate but right now we needed AC and it was keeping Roo happy. Still even after I’d told her that Rudy was poorly in the back seat and now is not the right time she still continued to go on! Me being me, I still found myself explaining myself and apologising to her. WTF?! 

Finally home and it’s now 3.45pm, I take Rudy’s temp using my badass thermometer. I’m not joking, parents / careers you need to buy this thermometer and I’m not being paid to say this, (it’s made by Braun and you stick it in their ear). 3 seconds flat it tells me he's at 40.4!!!! I panic. That is NOT ideal! Surely it cant be right? I take it again… 40.4! He's now drowsy, shaking a little as well as jumping and spasming. I'm terrified of him potentially having a fit. I call my mum and she tells me to call an ambulance straight away which obvs scares the shit out of me. My gut tells me it’s the right thing to do but what do I then do with Dylan?! Does he come with us to the hospital? What about their dinner? All of these silly questions fly around my head. I need to keep my cool, Dylan will be fine!

The ambulance arrived and all I kept thinking was that I was wasting their time even though they reassured me that I’d done the right thing. At this point Rudy had completely passed out. Luckily my neighbour was around to sit with Dylan until my mum got there, she was about 45 mins away which was also lucky as she's never that close by.

The first thing the paramedics were keen to do was get some paracetamol into Rudy. They tried every trick but still, nothing was working. One of them saw how much he loved his dummy so they had the thought to dip it into the medicine and let him get it that way and it worked. 10 long mins of panicky small talk later and it was all gone. I wish i’d thought about doing that earlier and maybe I wouldn't have had to call the ambulance. I guess I wasn't really thinking straight.

We got to the hospital and they checked his temp again and it had dropped to 39.4 during the 20 min journey, they checked his heart rate which was way too high so they checked us in straight away and gave him another dose of medicine. He didn’t seem so lethargic after about an hour of us being there which I was obviously really happy about plus he’d started snorting which is code to watch Peppa Pig and for the first time in a long time I couldn't wait to watch it!! The hours started to pass and Pete’s amazing tour manager, Tony had managed to book him on the last flight home straight after he'd finished his set. Words cannot describe how happy I was to know I wasn't doing it all alone when he got home! Ok so now the doctors have requested a urine sample. Urm, what’s the trick there then?! Someone please tell me how the eff you get a urine sample from a 2 year old who will only pee in his nappy… 

They had examined him and thought it was Bacterial Tonsillitis which we would just have to ride out. My poor baby. The scary thing which I didn’t know was that Tonsillitis mimics the symptoms of Meningitis which would now explain the panic. By now it was around 9.30pm and we’d been there for nearly 4 hours. Rudy was acting and looking so much better, the meds had worked, his temp was almost back to normal and he was now jumping all over the place, I knew the only thing stopping me from pizza in bed was Rudy pissing in a pot. 

It got to 10.30pm when the medics let us go with instructions to monitor him and the hope of a home style sample to be brought in the next day which at that point i was more than willing to give a go. With Rudy snuggled up in mine and Pete’s bed, pizza ordered and Pete just landing at Stansted the vibe was pretty peaceful. 

Through the night, around 2am Rudy was being restless and to my horror his temp had risen again but now he now had a rash to go with it. Nooooooo! He was back up at 39.1. Armed with the new dummy trick I’d learnt earlier that eve I gave him some Ibuprofen. It was the first time I’d used it at home as we always use Calpol… has anyone else used this and their kid has gone a little crazy? The only way I can describe it is like Rudy had had a double espresso…? He couldn't settle at all. The whole night bless him, he was trying to settle and couldn’t. The next morning finally came, none of us had slept and I decided that we should take Rudy to the doctors. The rash had got worse and he was acting out of sorts again. His temp was under control but he wasn't right!

We make our way there and get seen relatively quickly. Rudy seemed happier to be out and about too which was a bonus but that all changes when the Dr wants to take his temperature, check his heart rate and look into his mouth. He's kicking right off. 

She rules out Meningitis (thank fuck), Tonsillitis, but now says it looks as though he has Hand foot and mouth disease - say what now?! The minute I saw this rash come up on Rudy I (obvs did the glass test) searched what it could potentially be and not for one minute did I think it could be hand, foot and mouth disease. 

When the Dr told us it was totally fine and really common with his sort of age group I did feel slightly more at ease but the poor babe had ulcers on his hands, feet and in his mouth along with other places on his body but mainly in those areas. The symptoms matched too. The crazy high temp and deliriousness the night before. He was repeating himself which worried me straight away. Once it had been diagnosed I was keen to get him treated accordingly. The treatment? Just ride it out. How long for? 7 - 10 days!!!! It took us 7 full days to get over hand foot and mouth disease and I really really hope we don't have to experience that again! Rudy is now I’d say 97% better. His blisters are still yet to heal but him in himself is 100%. Watch out for these crazy viruses going around and I'd also like to say a massive thank you to the NHS. The attention, care and support was real!

Portia x

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