P and P Get Hitched!

P and P Get Hitched!

Well I only just went and got effing married, didn’t I?!!

I’m now a legit WIFE!

During the final 5-6 month lead up to our big day the planning process definitely took over and the wedding became my full time job and you know what, I bloody LOVED it!

Hence Platforms & Pushchairs being neglected… until now! The dog became overweight due to lack of exercise. And I (hate to admit but) I can safely say that my children now have a unhealthy obsession with Potato Waffles and crisp sandwiches. My bridezilla tail and sharp claws have now significantly reduced in size and I can confirm I am, Portia again! Hahaha, only joking. Well I am about the crisp sandwiches and overweight dog. The tail and claws still remain but only come out on special occasions!

Pete and I decided to have an intimate bbq the night before. Just the bridal party and family. It was the perfect way for us all to see each other, re bond and share the excitement building for the following day.

TIP… Make sure you pack the strongest painkillers and Berroca for the next morning. If like me you'll definitely stick to the 2 drink rule but somehow get way too over excited (I have no idea why on earth you would ever get over excited on Wedmas Eve?! SAID NO ONE EVER) and drink one too many cocktails, you’ll need those painkillers, oh and a bacon sandwich!

I was for factual hungover on the morning of my wedding.

Luckily the wedding wasn't until 4pm so I had plenty of time to sort myself out.

Wedding Day.

Pete and I decided to have breakfast alone at The Pig’s beach hut. It was pure bliss! We had smoked salmon, avocado, sourdough toast, berries, yoghurt, healthy green juices and of course lots of bucks fizz (which definitely helped with our sore heads).

It was exactly what I dreamt of for the morning of our wedding.

We eventually headed back to the venue and before I could say ‘Tequila’, I was whisked off to hair and makeup whilst Pete was taken by his best men. That’s when it all started to feel real. Finally, we were getting married!

My bridesmaids were there ready and waiting, along with the heaven sent Tom Ford beauty team and my amazing hair stylist and family friend, Emma Tierney.

Our Lavender and Loveage Jo Malone candles were lit and the atmosphere was super calm and relaxed, just how I wanted it.

I can't tell you how exciting it is getting ready for your wedding. I have butterflies now just writing about it.

I was keen for my over all bridal look to be recognisable when Pete saw me.

I didn’t want to wear loads of makeup on my skin but it was still really important for the makeup to be seen in the pictures and show off the work of makeup genius, Lori Woodhouse - UK director of Tom Ford Beauty. Lori made sure my skin was glowing but not shiny, my eyes had just the right amount of shadow to make the blue of my eyes pop and for my lips to be the perfect shade of nude which complimented my cotton candy pink hair and flowers created by the magical wonder fairy that is Kitten Grayson.

Make-up done, hair being styled and I’m told we’re running late… About half an hour late!

Poor Pete, this is the last thing I wanted. 10-15 mins fine, but half an hour hmmmm! This explains his ‘You done a runner?’ text.

My energy now shifted from calm to a little stressed. I hate being late!

This is where my angel wedding stylist, Lotte Martin of The Wedding Gallery and Lamp Productions steps in. Lotte made our vision become a reality.

She was my eyes and ears and point of contact for any situation! If you're in a position to have a planner, even if it’s just for the day of your wedding I highly recommend getting one.

She took my hands, looked me in the eye and told me to breathe, calm down and then said gently, ‘It’s time to clear the room and pop you into your dress’


Moments later and I am stood looking in the full length mirror. I’m dressed up as a bride. I am the bride!! Strapped tightly into my custom Charlotte Olympia ‘Happy Portia’ shoes, veil firmly in place and not forgetting the all important tictacs we make our way to the ceremony space. A cool 40 minutes later than planned however all of those worries dissolved as I started to hear the music being played as I walked down the isle.

Walking behind my army of ladies and given away by my mum who kept telling me to walk slowly but that just felt like torture, obvies I ignored her. I was desperate to get to him!

The first thing Pete said to me… ‘I thought you'd done a runner’, followed by a massive kiss.

We all laughed and instantly I felt the love from our most fave people there to witness us get hitched on our 10th anniversary.

Our wonderful and incredibly organised friend, Simon Jones who conducted the ceremony welcomed everyone and proceeded to reveal his laminated YES LAMINATED cards. Legend.

Looking nowhere but into Pete’s eyes, all of a sudden I felt a pull and hear everyone gasp…

My youngest son, Rudy! He's gone and jumped onto my EPIC train whilst shouting ‘Clooooooouuuddd’!

Bridesmaids and members of our family tried to pin him down and wrestle him back to his seat. Of course he was having none of it and decided to do this another 3 times. By the 4th time I look down at him, laugh sarcastically and without thinking I say, ‘Cute Roo, but get the fuck off my dress’.

It was an entertaining moment and set the scene perfectly. Pete and Portia style.

We wouldn't have had it any other way. Well maybe Rudy not shitting himself during the ceremony…? I would have preferred if he hadn't of done that too tbh. True story!

After the ceremony we quickly dashed off to have some pics taken. Our wonderful photographer, Andrew Leo made sure we weren't away from our guests for too long.

Looking back our wedding felt like we had taken snippets from a Richard Curtis film. It all felt too perfect at times. The Red Arrows flying over and creating a heart with an arrow through it felt like we had a very generous family member who had organised the whole show for us but in fact they were just practising in the area and saw the marquee and my MASSIVE wedding dress. Tbh you could see that from space! Pretty special moment.

TIP… Make sure you create a private place for just you and your love. Pete and I had a snug which was out of bounds to everyone but us. This was where we went to have 15 mins to ourselves before the meal. Take it all in. Take each other in.

We’re massive foodies so obviously the food was important to us.

We spent a lot of time in the lead up to the wedding working closely with head chef, Andy Wright at The Pig on The Beach.

We wanted the food to look eye catching and to be the focal point. To avoid a cramped table the idea of having a smaller raised level on top of the table to give space and elevation for the food whilst the candles and flowers could fill the spaces below worked perfectly.

It looked incredible and we feasted like Kings and Queens at a Henry VIII banquet.

The amount of comments we received from our guests about the heavenly wedding breakfast even now keep rolling in. The food was one of the main reasons we chose to have our wedding at The Pig, well that along with the venue itself making me weep when we first visited purely because I knew it was ‘the’ venue before I even stepped into the building. The fact they made us feel like family. The service from start to finish was like nothing we've ever experienced. Those guys really do know how to make everyone feel special. Names were memorised, any dietary requirements were noted and the team knew exactly who had what. All the love and more!!

After the starters the speeches began. First up was my mum with her poem which had taken her 6 months to write. There wasn't a dry eye in the tent! Then Pete’s best man. Lots of laughing, crying (Pete) and kissing under the table (Danish wedding tradition passed on by his best man, Mathias).

Pete’s speech was last and by that point he’d defo had a few vino’s! He’d done so well all day bless him but I think it was Mats speech that tipped him over the edge. Still a very funny speech, almost like stand up at times, I think I had to step in a one point as he was getting a little carried away ha.

I had planned a whole speech of my own but by the time I grabbed the mic all I managed to say was thank you to everyone who travelled to be there on our special day. Really not what I had imagined tbh. In my head I was going for strong independent woman. Michelle Obama would not have been impressed!

TIP… The two of you take a step back and drink in the sight of all of your wedding guests. The fact they are all there to celebrate you and your love is the best feeling ever.

Pete and I don’t/can’t dance together and we never done really so understandably I was terrified. For our first dance we performed Pulp Fiction’s ‘Twist Contest’ dance scene. We nailed it! Well Pete did amazingly, I just pranced around all over the place following his moves. This was followed by our amazing Welsh, bald (avec wig), Elvis impersonator singing ‘Can’t Help Falling In Love’ who went on to sing 4 more songs! The best floor filler EVER!

Just before Elvis left the building (sorry couldn’t help it) it was time for us to cut the cake or in our case let the champagne flow!

Pete and I opted for a Moët Champagne tower instead of a wedding cake.


It looked great in pics and let’s be honest, Champagne never goes to waste!

Bubbles flowing and everyone now back on the dance floor boogying to the likes of Bowie, Ashanti, Fleetwood Mac, N.E.R.D, Cyndi Lauper, Snoop… All thanks to a handful of our amazing mates who dj’d the night away for us!

As it got later into the eve the after party took place back in the main house.

Espresso Martini’s (decaf at my request) along with other yummy and very dangerous Vodka and Champagne based cocktails were served. By this point all I could think about was FOOOOD.

I didn’t manage to eat loads at the meal and all I could think about was the left over Chicken and Pulled Pork baps which had been served for the midnight munchies.

Before the wedding, Pete asked me to make a promise that we’d go to bed at 1am on our wedding day. Sounds lame but I think it was a great shout! Armed with meh meaty baps and brand new husband, we went to bed and left our guests to carry on the party on our behalf.

It truly was the best day ever and it would be a dream to do it all over again.

Same time and place next year? I WISH!


And not forgetting our amazing suppliers…

Liz Martinez / Angelica Bridal - Dress

Shoes - Charlotte Olympia

Pete - Ralph Lauren suit, Dries Van Noten Shirt and Gucci Shoes

Venue - The Pig on The Beach

Earrings - Jessica McCormack

Flowers - Kitten Grayson

Photography - Andrew Leo

Videography - Josh Halling

Bridesmaids - Maids To Measure

Hair Styling - Emma Tierney

Hair Colour - Harriet Muldoon @ Larry King

Hair Accessories - Jennifer Behr

Portia Makeup - Lori Woodhouse @ Tom Ford Beauty

Bridesmaids Makeup - Tom Ford Beauty Team

Facialist - Jasmina Vico

Wedding rings - Georgina Boyce (me) & Rebus (him)

Planning and Styling - Lotte Martin @ Lamp Productions

Candles and scenting - Jo Malone

Cake/Champagne Tower - Moët and Chandon

Calligraphy and Invites - Second Star Lettering

Confetti - Shropshire Petals

Marquee - Sperry Tents South West

Portia second look - Jenny Packham

And we would also like to especially thank Vicky Nebel, Bianca Iaciofano, Ailish Besley, Lorraine Larmer, Emily Sherwood, Robin and Judy Hutson, Lora Strizic and her amazing team down at The Pig, we love you all very dearly and our day wouldn’t have been as perfect as it was if it wasn’t for you guys! P&P xx

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